(Greater Sudbury, ON) The entire Sudbury Five organization is deeply saddened and devastated by the sudden loss of Carl Lewis III. The Sudbury Five express our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, teammates, and fans.

Our hearts hurt and words cannot express the loss. Carl Lewis was an extremely talented young man, who was a valued member of the team. He will be greatly missed by all and forever remembered.

Logan Stutz Sudbury Five General Manager and Head Coach, shares, “as a coach, I think you prepare for a lot of things, but the death of a player is something you don’t ever expect or prepare for. It’s definitely tough right now.”

Stutz adds, “He was just so young, I think what makes it even tougher, is that he was only 19. Like many 19-year-olds, he drove me crazy at times, but no player made me laugh like Carl he always knew how to make you smile. I will miss that for sure. Looking back, he always gave me these huge hugs and I would hug him back. I did not know then, but I think I understand now, how much that meant to him. We will always remember Carl. He was just a special player and a special person.”

Carl Lewis, a forever King of The Underground has risen. Rest in peace and play some ball.