Meet the girls

Chelsea McLaughlin

Team Captain

Hi there! I’m Chelsea, team captain and returning Queen of the Underground. I’ve been training as a dancer for 20 years at Claire’s School of Dancing where I’ve also been an instructor for the past 6 years. You can also find me teaching technique and strengthening to the Sudbury Nickel Blades Skaters. I’ve spent most of my life using dance as a way to express myself as well as a way to really get to know myself. I thrive on living outside of my comfort zone and I love inspiring others to do the same! I’m excited to be back for a second season and can’t wait to #levelup with the underground fam!

Christine Coutu

Hi! I’m Christine, otherwise known as Xtine, one of the OG Queens of the Underground. This is my second year with the squad and this Queen comes with a little bit of savage. My ability to move on the court stems from my 10 years as a competitive dancer and my teaching experience at Claire’s School of Dancing. When I’m not dancing or cheering, you can find me creating art for my business, Studio X, or listening to the best rap music the industry has to offer. In everything I do, my goal is to inspire people to take chances and invest in their passions; live life to its fullest! Let’s cheer this year’s team on together!

Jadah Elofson

Heyyyy! I’m Jadah and I’ve been a competitive dancer at Let’s Dance for the last 7 years. My parents introduced me to music at a very young again and I just loved the dancers in all the music videos growing up! They always amazed me! That’s definitely what sparked my interest in dance. I’d say my biggest influence in the dance industry would be Jojo Gomex, Nicole Kirkland and Janelle Ginestra. Make sure to come say hi at the next game!

Anik Seguin

Hiiiii! I’m Anik! I started dancing when I was 3 years old. Back then and even now, dance has been a way for me to manage and focus my emotions. I had taken a break from dancing (what was I think!! lol) a few years back, but I was never able to fully let go of it. It feels like dancing is in my blood! So I’m back pursuing my passion with this amazing opportunity to be a part of the squad and to connect with our Sudbury community. I love cheering for our team, dancing my heart out and connecting with the other girls in the squad! Come say hi at the game! I love interacting with the fans!

Manon Lacelle

Hey! I’m Manon and I’ve been an active dancer for the past 8 years. My inspiration to join the squad was to get to dance in front of my community, meet new people and get to watch our basketball team play! My parents have also been a big inspiration for me. They love coming to watch me at the games and support me in my dance career! Can’t wait to cheer with you this season!

Ive Velikova

Hi there! I’m Ive and I’ve been dancing on and off my whole life! I feel like I really fell in love with dancing when I joined Army of Sass Toronto. During that time I had the opportunity to perform in several different dance showcases in Southern Ontario. Being a part of the squad allows me to perform again in front of the Sudbury community and I can’t wait to continue cheering with everyone this season. My major dance inspirations are the fierce leaders of Army of Sass Toronto, also hip hop queen Courtney Odelien and singer/songwriter/dancer Megan Norah. Come say hi to me at the games! I love interacting with Sudbury fans!

Hunter-Shana Rodic

Heyyy! I’m Huntar-Shana. I’ve been dancing my whole life and I’m excited to be a part of the squad this year! Come say hi to me at the games!