How can I buy season tickets?

The FIVE Basketball memberships (which are more than just tickets) are available by calling 705-815-5555 ext. 2013, emailing or by visiting us in person at the Sudbury Arena. You can also navigate to purchase tickets from the team’s webpage at To receive assistance with your season membership, please contact The Five office by phone at 705 815 5555.

Where will the team play?

The FIVE Basketball team will play in the Sudbury Community Arena starting Nov 22nd. The League schedule is expected to be released in late August. The configuration of the seating for basketball will be approximately 2500 seats, with a mix of courtside, floor seats, and suites as well as preferred bowl seats. For fans familiar with the Sudbury Arena, preferred bowl seats will be made available in sections 2-6 and 12-16 on the south and north side of the building. Tickets in the End Zones on the east and west side of the arena, closer to Minto and Grey Streets will not be available for sale, except in unique situations.

When will the team play and what time will games start?

The FIVE Basketball will begin play in the Sudbury Community Arena and play a mix of games primarily on the weekend but will include some mid-week games. Most evening games will be played at the start time of 7:05pm or 8:05pm but there will be opportunities for the team to play afternoon games starting as early as 12:05pm and as late as 6:05pm.

Who will be the General Manager (GM) and Coach?

The FIVE Basketball team has hired Logan Stutz as GM and Coach in the coming months who will lead the selection process through the combines and player evaluation camps run by the league. The team will be put together before training camp which will start in November.

Where did the name come from?

The FIVE was one of the submissions of the team naming contest that was run in the past year that had dozens, if not hundreds of submissions. After reviewing the potential name (of which there were many), we narrowed it down to 3 unique and different options. From there, the option became clear as to what we wanted this to represent. We wanted simple, we wanted ICONIC, we wanted it to represent Northern Ontario, Sports, Basketball, our region and our city. The fun really comes out when you consider that one affectionate nickname for Sudbury is the Nickel City! But more than that, what better way to connect to the basketball culture than the area code that represents the region. 705 represents the North and is already established among basketball enthusiasts.

How can my company get involved?

You can contact the office, visit the website. There are many ways to be involved from sponsor to advertiser, to group outings and season membership purchases. Basketball and entertainment go hand and hand.

Can I advertise with the team?
You can advertise with the team in many unique and exciting ways from in venue, to team sponsorship to online and social media. You can email or you can visit the team webpage and contact us. We will be pleased to send an account representative to visit you with attractive options.
How can I volunteer?
Sport is built on passion, and volunteers are a big part of making a community event like a full scale professional basketball game a reality. We love the passion of the 705 and will provide our community with opportunities for all sorts of involvement. Check the website and email the team to show your interest.